Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 8 Trades:

With the Vix running into resistance on the hourly over the last day.

 expected that we would get a rally and we did.   The markets took off right from the open:

Still my first  trade was on the short side:

NDRM, was gapping up on some questionable news.  What I found interesting however, was that there was no volume -- it was gapping 20% on <2K shares trading... I started hitting the bit.   I was able to get filled at several points with a high of $13.30

Entries $13.02, $13.30, 12.75

Targeting the  gap  fill.  Stop b/e.

PTBI,  My end of day buy, did not work as well on D3 as it did on the previous two days.  I took small gain here

Entries 7.35, 7.42
Exit. 7.47

Stopped out.  This was a case of size kills.  Because I put on the additional size on yesterday,  I had to decrease my stop.

Filled at 2.44

CYNI, Entry 4.62 -- Exit 4.64
This was exactly the chart pattern I look for. (fishhook is circled) .. but I learned after I got excited and took the trade that this was a buyout.   Given that my reason for the trade was gone, I had no edge so I closed this.

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