Saturday, May 16, 2015

Current positions -- weekend update

This one broke out very nicely.  I'll run it until it gaps.

EBIX: I bought the weekly breakout and we have a continuation week this week.  This one has had a history of some continuation moves.  I like the look of W2.

I hit the breakout pretty well at 9.4. With a close at all time weekly highs and volume being strong I like this one for higher prices.  I'm watching the 10.27 level as being a key holding spot.  If we get that back test and a hold.  I will add to this position.

WUBA: Weekly looks good for higher prices. WUBA has now fought off many attempts to pull it back.  Was this past week a weekly breakout? still  to be determined.

somewhat similar to WUBA, Nice flag following a big move.  only 25Mill shares outstanding, volume shows interest and earnings were pretty good.

IPHI: A great push ahead this week.  RSI now over 70. MACD at  all time year highs

LGIH:  Weekly breakout has not yet held. But I bought on the push ahead intra-day prior high on this flag.  On the plus side has not broke down either.. sometime I just need a few extrudes.  (SSNI needed an extra day and then it really popped)

RSI is a touch low for my normal momo trading plays but I like the drivers for this company.

NDRM: Still playing the short side here. I want to see this fill the 11.75-12.50 gap.  but If it takes out 13.50 I'll close it down.


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