Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 13- 15

My trade journal was behind.  Here's what I did on May 13  No trades since.

The S& P has broke to new highs... but  the S&P is notorious for fake breakout outs

The TNA-- Russell with 3X the fun:
After a sharp breakout 3 weeks ago the initial breakout has held on the weekly.  So was the sharp a backtest or a start to a pull back.   --- Remains to be seen.

Entry: $8.85
Exit: $9.30

The overnight dream order worked well again.  5 for 5

Exit 1.$5.44
Exit 2: $5.23

This was an earnings pop.  I sold off 1/2 on the pre-market action.  I was hoping to sell the second half into the opening thrust.  It popped to 5.60s but quickly reversed.  The remainder of my postiion was stopped out for a small profit.

Entry: $3.08
Sold: $2.852

 Breakout Failed again.

Nice little base,  I was looking for the Fishhook Entry.

Entry: 18.12  -- It looked like the break over 18 would get us going -- didn't hold.

Still looks good on the weekly in the flag.

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