Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28. Overcoming the China punch.

The big news today was that China got smacked in the face.

Nothing like waking up With an ETF down over 15%.  That said, I was prepared to take it to the MA, which essentially held (ok failed by .02) YINN rallied into the close.

There was a weakness in WUBA so I decided to close my calls and take the loss:

Other than that, I had a good day. Lead by FEYE which broke big.

Bought UEC:
2.90 nice close with strength.

ANTH: 5.28

Entry 18.30

I took a partial close in the AM at 7.80.  I closed the remainder when it ran above 8.00 and then failed.  A morning pull back is common and healthy in a breakout.  A failed push after it regains its footing is not a good sign imo.

Entry 16.53
Entry 2: 16.81
Exit 1: 19:
Entry 3: 18.18
Exit 2: $17.48

I missed played this one a bit.  My add yesterday should have been very profitable yet I let the position fade where I got stopped for a profit.   Had I used the pop to sell out again, I could have added where I was selling.    I still think this is in play to the upside.

ERI: closed  not a position I really was into.  I gave it a chance, the breakout was mediocre and since I had considered just closing it for a loss a couple of days ago, I'm content making a couple 100 on it.
Entry 8.24
Exit: 8.44

Closed 27.43

TANH: Broke to new weekly highs.  I took a partial sale at 15.34.  As this is thin and my position was bigger than I had wanted.

EMES: Short 39.30

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