Monday, May 25, 2015

May 22, closed PANL, BLDR, HDP, Opened, FEYE, YINN, AAOI


The volume completely dried up in PANL,  For that reason (and only for that reason) I determined that I needed to get out.   As volume dries up, spreads get wider which makes this a dangerous trade.  I saw that there was enough size on the bid for me to exit my position, so I took it, and a small loss. I sized this trade small because I saw this as a risk.  If I'm honest with myself, I should never have taken the trade.

Entry: 3.83
Exit: 3.61

I caught a very nice move here. 
Entry: 24.97
Exit. 26.49. 

I exited as this was not a true week 1 breakout.  I'd expect a pull back, which I will look to reenter.  In the mean time, I'll lock some profits to set a floor on my equity curve.

Stopped out. Disappointed as  I had decent hopes for this one but it never got going and then it faded.  Sell, Re-set the alert: A lot of tails on the upside candles.  This decided it was not ready to go yet.  So I'll get out and set an alert to see if it might make another attempt. 

Entry:  $13.32
Exit: $12.71

On the daily, that's when got me in, and the thumbs down got me out.

New Buys:

45.14,  I wasn't fast enough on my order at 44.40s so I was forced to let it run. When it came back in that's when I took the position.  The downside of paying up is that I had to reduce my position size. 

Just shy of a weekly weekly breakout on the edge of the "cup" but still a multi-week breakout.

More importantly,  we triggered a breakout on the monthly:

Entry: 16.70

Monthly breakout:

And on the weekly:

China Bulls
Chinese efts had broken range to the upside, HAO, ASHR, FXI, YINN
ASHR: beautiful breakout.   China is ready to rip higher Choose your instrument.  

I went with YINN because YINN is the 3x Chinese bull etf.  Although it is still within its range,  I took it because the other ETFs have broken out and well, look at the power on the last breakout 40 to 64 in 3 weeks.

Although U.S. Markets are closed, China is not and is surging to a 3% gain. Boom! 

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