Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26 -- Markets sell off - more chop zone.

Markets sold off today.  Weekly breakout has failed thus far, but If I had to guess we will straddle that line all week.

Vix did run into resistance and then sold off:
I don't see a full break down here of the markets.  Most likely more chop.  If I had to guess a sell attempt in the morning and then a rally into the afternoon.

Anyway, although the markets falter and it was a wild day. My positions did well for the most part as my equity increased about 2.5% today.  I made some well - timed buys in FEYE and TANH.

 But I was not completely unscathed.

SALE-- this one was not to be as I got stopped

Entry 21.33
Exit: 20.52 (.03 slippage)

AAOI closed up 16%. -- -Monster breakout.  I decided to use a bit of the thrust to book some profits.
 I sold off a portion of my position at $19.00

Dip buy adds, FEYE
TANH: This is one you just have to trust your levels.  I did and bought at 12.25  I was rewarded with a pop into the close

On a weekly makes sense as there was the back test following a great move.

I do love the IPOs.  I bought BOJA into the close 26.38 as it reversed red to green to close at the high.  That usually translates into a move in the next day.
Great little run on the hourly:

Existing positions breakouts.  I had two positions that had lagged finally get going, ERI and LGIH

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