Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PBYI Opened and stopped out, VIMC opened

I  had liked this set up from yesterday and after PYBI sold off in the AM and started bouncing back I thought I might present a lower risk set up for a continuation anticiapation type move.  Although I did get a bit of a push it subsequently sold off and stopped me out at 237.50

Entry: 241.67
Exit: 237.50 (-4.17, -.6R)

The moral of the story is that on a Continuation anticipation set up the stop loss should be looser.  I played it like a momo burst trade and got stopped on noise.  The loss was small next. 


VIMC has formed a dragon  (set up 4) over the past two months.  It has since been tightening.  VIMC had earnings last night that were good but the stock dropped 10% nonetheless.  It then rallied back after bouncing on the trend line and the 50 week MA.  I viewed the reversal action given where it bounced as very positive.   I entered on the way up at 9.17.   I think a move to $10.50 is likely but I'm not going to give this much room to work.  It is either going right away or it can go without me. 

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