Monday, November 3, 2014

Closed: TUBE, YOD, Day trade BABA

Today was kind of a a "meh day."  I didn't get much traction on anything.  I closed 3 positions for a total of 1R profit.

First Tube.   This was just a disappointing trade as it had potential but faded once it looked it would gain traction.  I really dislike b/o faders.  So I banged it out.  This needs to set up as a flag again and I would bet that it is going to take 15-20 days before it is ready to breakout.

Trade Summary
Entry: 15.09
Exit: 15.43
+ .26R

My entry was relatively poor in this stock as an entry at 14.80 should have been had.  But what ever, this is what it is.

On the Short side my fade of YOD played out perfectly.  I bought it in as the volume started to dry up.  I had set a buy order at 1.86 last night--turned out to be the LOD.  That being said, so did some other traders and I didn't get filled there I got filled.  I banged it out at $1.94

Entry: 2.19 avg
Exit: 1.94

This one worked out well.  No need to be a hero or wait for another .20.
Baba set up for a nice breakout. 101.20.  It made a nice run after word hitting a high of 102.80.  I am very adverse to b/o fades and I hate taking a loss after I'm up over a pt in a stock so I moved my stop to 101.75.  Although that held for most of the day a late day plunge took me out -- filled at 101.77
Trade summary
Entry 101.20
Exit: 101.77
.18R  BABA then decided to surge on A.H. trading as traders wanted to get in before earnings.  I thought I saw a 105 print which would have been good for at least 3R from my entry.  Oh well--protect capital first.

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