Friday, November 28, 2014

Current position summary : WAB, VTAE, AVNR, WFM

I'm thinking that high volume reversal was significant. Today, it got a 2% move which is a range expansion for this company.   I see that as a great short set up because of the bearish divergence near a 52 week high--meaning this stock is not likely to run hard against me.  I can keep a tight stop and look for a 10% plus sell off.
I bought the range expansion 3 days ago and then added at 19.  This one has the look of something ready to really have some fun.
In at  14.40.  Very pleased that it shook of a CLR FDA letter today. Less pleased that it re-reversed.  Although many biotech's had reversal moves today.  I'll just keep moving the stop up and we'll see what it can do.
Bought the breakout today.  Nice consolidate. And now the initial stages of a momentum burst move?  Volume was decent for a 1/2 trading day.

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