Thursday, November 20, 2014

Opened LRAD

This is a pretty interesting company.  I looked at it in depth after its q3 quarters and determined that it had potential.  I made a decent post earnings swing trade on it.

I returned to this well again today. I like that it had a great breakout move and then it rejected 2 attempts at a sell off.  I knew it had earnings but I figured they would at least be decent given q3 cc comments.  So I bought in advance at 3.15.  Earnings came in about what I expected but the great thing about these micro caps is not many people know whether they are good or bad when they first come in.  I was able to pick up more at  3.14.  Eventually it gets bid up.  I had planned on selling a 1/3 of my position off at 3.39 and I sold a  few hundred shares at that point but decided to lift as bids came in . LRAD  is likely will go higher as this earnings move validates the Fishhook set up over 3.21.

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