Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today looked like it would be a very profitable day as I had some great early morning moves in JRJC and AVNR.  But then both started to fade.  Then things got shitty.  I took a position in BITA as it looked ready to pop.  It dropped.  And towards the end of the day, my  M/R JNUG traded failed (although I scaled back the position when it was slightly profitable) completed the sell off and stopped me out.  The one saving grace was that VTAE broke out big to the upside.

I sold off AVNR as it came in for now 3 days in a row after strong starts.
Entry: 12.96
Exit: 13.23
+.25R .

JRJC came in as well but I decided to hold  another day.

I took a stab at an entry post earnings on a small position .  It didn't work  -.3R. Too bad because BABA traded up fore most of the day.

It got a little pop in the AM but I wasn't crazy about betting on a "V" shaped recovery of gold. I used the bounce to reduce my position size.  I hoped the remainder would hold but it didn't

Entry, 4.48
Exit 1: 4.56 + 32
Exit 2: 4.00

This looked like it was ready to make a big move.  and it did but to the downside after I bought

Entr: 83.55
Exit: 80.14

So up to this point the day was pretty much a bust.  I then got a pleasant surprise as VTAE which had not done much and nearly stopped me out on prior days went nuts late in the day.

Currently sitting at a 1.5R profit.  If there's any continuation tomorrow this will be a great trade and more than wipe out all the losers listed above.

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