Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I closed out HKTV in premarket at 11.06.  I could see that it closed down 6% on the Heng Seng and The rationale for the trade was now gone.  I wind up with a .5R loss. 

Entry: 11.74
Exit. 11.06 

I also traded SNSS today.  I thought I had a valid fishhook using the close of the big move rather than the top of the wick.  I bought the break ant got filled at the high 2.36.  From this I learn wait until the initial burst has settled in. In any event, the initial move failed I set a .20 stop and got stopped out, with slippage .22 loss.  - .5R.

I bought as this looked to be breaking out bas the prior day resistance, had this worked I believe it could have gone to 3.00 or higher, but it was not to be today.

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