Saturday, November 15, 2014

Opened (and then almost immediately closed) BBRY, CYBR, URRE

I made a number of poor decisions and jumped in to stocks that were moving without a well formed plan.  I made money on all of them, but not much. A big $15 on BBRY. lol I need to figure out what is going on or I next time I won't be that fortunate.

My $15 gain in BBRY was probably the best decision I made as I came to my senses and  realized that I was just chasing a stock that was already extended and hoping that I would be lucky. When I realized I was relying on hope.  I realized there was no purpose of being in the trade so I cut out.  Now had I held I probably could have made a few100 bucks before it  reversed (which it did) and I could have wound up with a big loss.

Entry 40.77
Exit 41.15
Cybr had actually set up well after making an earnings related move.  My trade starts to work and I get nervous at the first wiggle.  Had I had actually committed to a stop this would have been a very profitable trade.  I'm trading scared, which is not a good place to be.

On Friday morning, I look at my uranium watch list I see that the price of uranium has jumped and every single Uranium stock is up sans one URRE.  Urre has the smallest float and makes big moves.  Although I don't love this type of chart set up, I hit the bid betting that it rises with everything else.

Yep. Within a few minutes its up to 2.18 at 2.20. But then the bid slides to .15 and then .13 ok I'm out for a 6.5% gain.   That's not a good way to trade.  There was no reason to sell at all.  It would hit a 2.35 HOD.

Entry: 2.00
Exit.: 2.13

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