Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct 28 trades: ACHN, CYBR, LOCO, HIVE

So I just closed RWLK for my biggest gain of the month and decided to engage in some marginal decision making .

First, ACHN-- not a bad set up and this is a trade with risk management that I would take all day long.
This looked ready for a Breakout but subsequently faded.
Entry: 12.50
Exit: 12.13
I suppose I could have gotten in earlier and trailed this but I was hoping for a multi-day momo burst. Had I looked closer I'd have realized how rare those types of moves are in this stock. More often than not ACHN is a one and done type of stock.

So I just made a bundle in RWLK so go back over to CYBR which often trades similar to RWLK.
While this looked promising for a multi-day move it was not to be.  I protected my capital and escaped the fade with a small profit.
Entry: 35.89
Exit: 36.03 --- Obviously a great decision to get out in retrospect as this came in hard.

I was on an recent IPO kick so why not go for the Crazy Chicken. LOCO had a great sideways consolidation period and then the b/o
Entry: 36.17
Exit: 36.55
I wasn't feeling especially after CYBR and ACHN faded.  Enter capital preservation mode.

Then I decided to something real dumb.  I chased a momo news play (apparently they signed some deal with apple).   I put on too much size, kept a tight stop got hit lost 1.2R

Enter: 6.36
Exit: 5.96

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