Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Current Position Summary

As I've been turning over my positions pretty frequently its been a while since I've done an inventory and an assessment of my current holdings.   The market is showing some signs of tiring on the momentum front

PIP.  I have a small position in PIP.  PIP is a fundamental play. It got hit when SIGA a company that PIP beat in a lawsuit that will be worth 200+ million to PIP declared bankruptcy.  This is not a bad thing as it just stays enforcement of the judgment pending SIGA's appeal, which I do not believe is likely to succeed since it will be determined on an "any credible evidence" standard.

PIP as the largest creditor has tremendous influence in the Bankruptcy court.  The parties are currently mediating the dispute and I believe that it is likely that the parties do reach a resolution as the Delaware state judge will issue a decision any day now.  PIP would also have the ability to credit bid if it successfully defends the appeal and could wind up winning SIGA at auction.

There are risks that I could still get hit on tax loss selling.  And I am certainly cognizant of that for my own purposes.

NQ: I waited until the selling was exhausted and then bought at 7.04.  I've caught a 10% move before NW pulled back a bit today. I'll give it 1 down day but if forward progress doesn't resume tomorrow I'm protecting my profits.

RWLK: It just keeps coiling tighter.  This is going to go hard-- I just hope it goes in my direction.
This had looked like it was going to be the perfect pocket pivot.  The day after I bought it was even trading up premarket on volume. It then got hit with some vicious selling but held the gap and my stop.  Rallied the next then sold off.    For better or worse, I still have hoes for this position but another down day would knock me out of this position.

VIMC: new just added. BOOT: partial closed today.

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