Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Down day on the market but not heavy selling.  Used the weakness to build up my EHIC position as it got the washout below 17 fell to 16.30 and closed above 17. 

Entry 1: 11.79
Entry2: 11.33

EHIC:  I like what I see with this stock So I'm building into my current position.  My original entry was at 16.00   I'm happy to pay up.


I did not have much conviction in this position. When it was unable to hold the initial thrust, I felt it best to cut it.

Entry 11.7
Exit:  11.98

1/2% equity gain

WOWO: Took a loss on this when it reversed after a merger announcement.  Too thin. This comes out to be about a 1% loss of equity.
Entry: 12.00
Exit: 10.36

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