Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1,

I had a good May (+5%) and am looking to build on that  as June begins. However, some caution is now in order as there are now 20 stocks up  greater than +50% in a month.  I took to reducing position size on trades and exiting some positions.

VIMC.  Right of the bat a Gap. I generally view that as a sell signal for me.  Although this ran quite a bit after I sold it then reversed and faded hard. Anyway this was worth about .80 on average for my position. No complaints.

Entry: 1 14.99
Entry 2.  14.59
Exit 1. 15.40
Exit 2. 15.61

Gapped on positive breast cancer data.   This was a chart That I had like this weekend as this would fishhook on a daily. In addition, the monthly has staged a high volume breakout out

This stock is capable of some power.

Entry 1: 4.38
Entry 2: 3.84
Entry 3 3.99
(Avg. $4.09.)

I'm comfortable with my position.  Although the opening bar sank, ONTY stabilized around 4.00 for most of the day.   I took piece in A.H. as this is the type of stock action that precedes a gap. I'll roll some of my position out at that time.   As the opening 15 mins are most dangerous for stops.

SSNI: Nice little trade +13%
entry: 12.00
Exit: 13.59

HDP:  I feel like I bought this one too early (although My trade is essentially a carry over from the breakout of congestion at 25.)     I had my eye on that 27 level and with another failure and without 2 rest weeks caution is in order so I'll exit.

Entry: 26.53
Exit.  26.80
Exit 26.70.  This was a "protect equity close"

Despite my cautious stance right now, some moves are too powerful to ignore.

Entry: 26.68

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