Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2.

Cut size on ONTY This is a stock that should have every reason to sell off to the $3.50 base... but it hasn't  that's a very bullish sign.  Gaps can act as support.

That said, I needed to reduce position size  to give this trade a change  size after this didn't immediately pop.

Entry 4.09
Exit.  3.87 (1/2)

STV: I jumped the pattern soon and realized my mistake soon afterwards.  No reason to compound a bad trade with a bad decision.
Entry 5.14
Exit. 4.90

Now that the losses are out of the way.  Boom time:
I scooped TANH as low as 12.25 last week.  Monster. breakout.  So I sold because that's what I do.

Entry 14.66
Exit 1. 15.35
Exit: 16.66

New Trades:

LIFE:  Weekly IPO breakout.  This is the second time I've traded this stock.  But I admit it scares me. Massive spreads, thin,  but oh so powerful.

Entry 24.95.
Weekly breakout, oh so powerful
Entry 10.08

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