Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11, What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday was a frustrating day as my dip buys in EHIC were under water and I had two stocks -- FRSH, FOLD announce secondaries.  And I was down slightly despite huge pops in the average.  It's no fun seeing everyone else's train take off and your stuck at the station.   What a difference a day makes.

Today turned out to be a monster day despite some pre-market storm clouds.

I kept my head in FRSH and FOLD and did not panic as they opened lower.  Both rallied from the opening. (I did sell out a bit of FOLD @12.72.)

FRSH opened down 17.70 but then rallied.  Pocked pivot on the weekly,  I prefer the clean break but the RSI is high enough and it's close enough to cheat on the break point.

It's ability to bounce back proved its worth.  And the weekly breakout looks very much intact.

Speaking of bounce backs.   This one could be a monster.

On the downside, I got stopped out of HDP as it just could not get going.  Still no >27 close.
Entry: 27.28
Exit: 26.04

Just couldn't get going over past few days.  I have no interest in waiting... and the news today was just embarrassingly lame for this stock.. They got a tax credit in France.  That was worth selling this company in itself.
Entry  2.16
Exit. 2.08

INUV: This is why I buy timid breakouts.  Many times they might trigger my alert on low volume.  But  they can still get going in a fierce way later in the day.  INUV ripped from this point hitting a high of 3.22.   With the high close taken out, there should be more to come.

Entry: 2.83  

MBLY: Another one firing on all cylinders.  I do love the second run on IPOs.

Entry: 49.46.   I should have been in this $1.00 earlier  but With a weekly breakout you don't have to be as precise to make $.  This one has shown what it could do right out of the gate as an IPO.  Now for a re-rerun.
I added to my July 65 calls  position as there was another bounce off the breakout point.  But still no upward thrust.   Tomorrow?

Finally, I'd be remiss if  I didn't post TROV ---fantastic second breakout. 

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