Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 trades and position summary

FEYE: This was a fantastic run from the breakout point but the channel broke.
Entry $44.85
Exit $51.77

Big picture: Still likely "in play" wait for 2 weeks of rest--  would not be surprised for a '10 test.

Entry 7.19
Exit 1/3 7.37  I came in a little heavy on the range expansion move so I cut the position into the run.

RXDX: This one was not fun. 

Entry: 17.19
Entry 2: 16.69
Exit: 16.16
Exit 2: 15.98

Later in the day, this move became clear that it was a back test to the '4 week. when that held, I re-bought
Entry: 16.33

SEDG: Since I sold the pop last Friday, I have room to take a shot if the 4 holds.
Entry: 39.29

VTAE: Nice move last week to breakout on the weekly. Look to hold the line on the close.
Entry: 16.73

Current positions:
SSNI: star of the day

ZIOP, fought off a downgrade and $10pt to close at the high.

EHIC: Just keeps narrowing the range-- should be good to store up some power-- needs a close above the zone.
BZUN: still range bound
DWRE:  held the breakout, positive action here.
EBIX: Did I nail the dip buy off the '10 - yet to be determined has held thus far.
After chopping the weak breakout players to bits over the last 2 days.  should be ready to go.

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