Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4

EHIC-- weekly breakout on an IPO, love these
Entry $16.00  
Great first day rip.

the company provides local service providers with a platform where they can open online stores and sell their services or products directly to the end-consumer. In that the company has assisted many local service businesses in launching stores online, WOWO is frequently compared to Tmall by industry insiders. 

Entry: $12.00 this got a rip but then got stuck.  Held well at that point considering overall marketed.  I actually expected this one to take off more than EHIC but oh well.  

This was all a first hour rip. Curious.

ANTH: Entry 6.09
after close: ANTH announced
today announced that additional data from its Phase 2b PEARL-SC study will be presented in a poster at the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Annual European Congress of Rheumatology in Rome, Italy. -

It then ran to about $6.50 which I used to take a partial exit.

PFNX,  (avg. 18.85
Exit 18.92

This was a terrible trade for me as I let a good winner turn into a break even trade.  I need to remember, sell the rip and wait for the re-entry to materialize.

This couldn't hold my line so  I got stopped out for a loss.
Entry 4.09
Exit. 3.83
ZAGG: This breakout failure surprised me.  This is a setup that typically works. This time it didn't
Entry 10.08
Exit: 9.66

EMES: stopped out on my short:
Entry: $39.35
$40.45 (shitty fill)

Current positions
FEYE: Didn't love the gap fade today, but perspective:  My monthly breakout buy at 44.85 has progressed nicely.

TROV: This had looked like another explosive move was going to begin but it got faded. I do like that it bounced into the close perhaps a successful back test
Weekly nice ascending consolidation.  slightly positive on the position as of today's pull back.
RELY: Bought yesterday had a run but got stopped at 12. Still looked prime.

CMCM: Held range pretty well after a failed morning run.  I like the look of this.

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