Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18.

Big IWM / BIB breakout

Bio-tech booming:

And the Index everyone thought was underperforming just broke out. hmm

Another profitable day in a profitable month.  I've done a good job of cutting losers and mediocre trades.

Entry: 22.43
Exit: 22.60  basically breakeven as this was just never able to get going off the support line, which is not a good sign for this one. 

Still making post earnings adjustments and it ran my stop.
Entry: 12.30
Exit 1: 13.00
Entry 2: 12.09
Exit: 11.56  --- Although this ends up a loss.  I kept the discipline to keep it small, which can be hard  to do when you're on a winning streak.

TROV:  This is the one I'm most disappointed in, as I thought there was a good chance this would get back to the highs after bouncing off.  Instead it re-visted the support.  However, I moved my stop up and was stopped out for a  .29 gain.

When it ran to 12.70 this morning I thought it was off to the races but instead it was a fade all day:
Entry: 11.96
Exit: 12.25

A week 2 should be positive after such a great breakout.  This week was not a good sign. 

INUV: This feels like it stalled and volume has dried up.  Sure it could still go but this is not a high conviction trade for me so I'm out:
Entry: 2.97
Exit: 3.07

New positions:
DWRE: 70.26 --- great breakout RSI at levels which launched previous monster run.

ZIOP: Took out the weekly
But more exciting is the monthly breakout
Entry: 11.82

Entry:  13.25
Increased size EHIC 19.96
Size Reductions: SEDG 39.43  SSNI 13.77

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