Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 12 Trades.

Another good day for momo stocks.  Although the averages suffered:

FOLD backtest and ripped:
I put in a limit order of 14.20 which was hit and the trade closed.
Entry: 12.55 (6/3)
Exit: 14.20  +13%

In addition to buying the breakout, the back test can be even more profitable and even more rapid.   Although I did not do it here, it should re-enforce my observation of the prudence of selling a burst and buying its' back test.

The move faded to the backtest and held.  My aversion to loss stopped me out at breakeven.  Fortunately, I came to my senses and realized  that a stock that back tests and holds is very powerful and you want to be in it.   I re-bought 2.97

Entry: 2.83
Exit: 2.85
Entry: 2.97

A great thrust,  decent gains.  Decided to book the profits and wait for the back test to re-enter.
Entry: $49.47
Exit: $51.58

Hit the weekly breakout and couldn't push ahead.  A yellow flag and given there are so many other better plays, I decided to just close it that to wait it out. Basically a break even trade.
Entry: $21.81
Exit:  $21.93

SEED: Fishhook breakout, I saw this was a prospect for the breakout in my Thursday scan.
Entry: 2.64

The front side of this breakout was one of my better trades this quarter. 31.92- $37.10   Now it has retraced to the 10 Week avg and bounced.  This is a lower Risk type of entry in a stock that is a proven winner.
Entry: 33.63

I took a small speculative position in this on Friday.  The RSI on a monthly has broken out and would be highest ever--well other than that  incredible surge last summer where LAKE ran to $30 in a week.

Entry: 12.30

The monthly shows that something is developing here.

Highest weekly close warrants adding to the position.

Range expansion on the daily.  I like that it was able to fight off the previous pull back after the range expansion off the bottom.  This one could be a Boomer! 3.6Million shares.  That's rocket fuel. 

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