Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trade Summaries VSR, CERS, MAR, HCLP, XIV, LEAF, DGLY, APT, Closing in on 50%

It's been a couple of crazy, busy, and profitable days.  I've put risk on took risk off played MOMO and Mean Reversion Trades.   I'm trading very cautiously with reckless abandon.  By that I mean I am taking a lot of shots but if they are not working I'm getting out very quickly. Given the number of trades I've taken I'm doing a bulk update.

Closed VSR -Pre-market  6.13.  There was a Seeking Alpha hit piece, The ebola trade is getting crowded and at some point it will end in dramatic fashion.  I believe in booking profits and this one went for over 3R without a single minute of exposure to regular market hours, which would have been subject to a brutal pull back.

Entry: 4.20
Exit 1: 5.50  (31%)
Exit 2: 6.13  (46%)

This had some momentum behind it and I had hoped it would continue.  It seemed to get stuck, so I bailed.

Entry: 4.26
Exit 1: 4.18
Exit: 2. 4.05
- .04R

This former momo beast started to show some renewed energy on a new patent and a new order. I though this move and news might prompt something bigger.  I took a small starter position. Not to be it dropped hard.

Entry: 11.94
Exit: 11.05
- .04R

A blast from the past. Could it be bottoming?  Bought 44.88  seemed to be fading.  Do I trust this market? Nope
Entry: 44.88
Exit 1: 45.61
Exit 2: 45.22  +141

So the markets fading but my LEAF trade has somehow miraculously not only held up after nearly being stopped ( I was probably down 1.5R with a 2R stop,)  it gained that all back and somehow I'm green on the position.  Market volatility is increasing.  I decided to cut my position size for a small gain:

Entry: 33.75
Exit 1 (partial): 33.86

So this one is in a waterfall.  It started to make a comeback, I didn't see it with the ebola thing going around.  Who wants to fly these days?  If no one flies hotels suffer.

Entry: 62.72  (target 60)
Stop. 63.75

 S&P makes a 60 point drop and then a V- Shaped Recovery

Stopped out on MAR.  63.75---stop hunting bastards--MAR thing then got crushed and hit my original profit target before the markets made their come back hitting a low of 59.61 oh what could have been.
 What it was.  - .7R
Entry:  62.72 (short)
Exit: 63.75


 It Showed some signs of strength today, SLCA was positive so I fired away: 44.74 (cheaper than yesterday) stop at 42.75.  Obviously a M/R trade which was more successful today than yesterday.  I'm digging these lower highs.


As much as I loved this setup, the market was selling off.  I reduced exposure yesterday and today I threw in the towel.  This was a MOMO Burst setup and those trades have not worked.  It then faded but again showed strength.  If this was a even a neutral market, I would be into this set up in a big way.

Entry: 33.75
Exit: 1: 33.86
Exit: 2  33.85
(call it break even)

Back to Ebola land.  Thought it was going to pop, bout at 9.30 It decided to drop got out at 8.91. -.39 loss.

Entry: 9.30
Exit: 8.91 (.99 stop - I hate slippage)

This was a short on some false claim that OBCI made "THE" ebola disinfectant approved by the CDC.  Big profits here:

ENTRY 1: 5.30
Entry 2: 4.92 (avg. 5.11)
Exit 1: 3.99
Exit 2: 3.94
+ 3R

XIV: :
So the markets started rallying with about an hour to go. Volatility crush play. M/R trade Bot @ 25.39  and rode all the way up to 28+.  I wanted to take this trade through to tomorrow but... NFLX missed and got hit and XIV started dropping, (and fast) it took me at least 3 attempts to catch it before I could bang it out at 27.01  I just can't trust this market.

Back to Ebola land.  I've loved the A.H. activity in these stocks they just drift up.  Bought 6.85.  Out at 7.20.  Again, I just don't trust this market or I would have tried to dream trade it.  Quite frankly, this much activity is exhausting.

Holding: PIP, HCLP

Was this worth it?   As of yesterday: 

 After today I'm up to 49.52% on the year.  I'm so hungry for that 50% mark.  

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