Friday, October 17, 2014

Reflections on One Crazy Week--5 day return 13.2% YTD: 53.81

Wow! We had a hugely volatile week: 

We had Ebola, We had melt downs, rallies.  I traded fast and furious and had my best week of the year-13.20%.  On a trade by trade basis, I probably had more losers than winners which is rare but I made my winners count.  Mean reversion was the name of the game.  XIV, HCLP.   But close behind was Ebola fever as I had trades in VRS and APT that saw a total of 20 minutes during regular trading.  After hours is great when stocks run to the A.M.

As I reflect on this week, I think my success is owed to the fact that I did not trust a single trade I made.  I had no problem getting out of trades as they were still going up.  I may have not hit homers but I hit a lot of doubles and triples that are rare in normal market trading conditions.

Any way here's the states:

This week looks great on my YTD returns as I close the week at my highest levels of the year.  Not too bad considering the overall market conditions.  My breakouts have had only marginal success since July.  

I need to be careful and lighten up off the gas.  All my biggest drawdowns, have come after my account has hit new highs and I thought I could bend my trading plans and rules.  To that end, I end the week with a beer and an account that is 95% in cash. Cheers.

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