Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Swings- HYGS, HAWK

I bought HYGS today in a fishhook type trade- it also would trigger on the Elder Impulse . Given the strength of the V shaped recovery I thought this is worth a try.  Here's what I see.  A break of the pace of the down trend with a successful  back test. This is somewhat of a fishhook entry as the strong move held.  in at 16.06 Stop 15. 87.

I like this set up as it weathered the downtrend much better than most stocks and now it is flagging.  I've found that buying within the consolidation can be a decent low risk entry.  However, it might need to trade sideways for another couple of days.  It just hit the 13, so it may get a kick but I think its more likely to get its burst when it hits the 20.

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