Friday, October 17, 2014


I kick myself. This was mentioned yesterday as an EP.   I nearly got in pre-market at 5.30 but was watching some other positions.  My hesitation cost me a 100% move in 20 Minutes.

ESI came from an absolute annihilation from 47 to 3 YTD.  That's neglect,  It has over a 50% short float and the earnings and subscribers numbers came back better than expected. This had massive volume coming in and I have no doubt this will be in play for days. 

Anyway, after missing the opening move, I thought I could overcome  my failure to take an initial position by taking a smaller position with a wider stop.  It did't work out:

Entry: $ 9.98
Exit: $8.92
-.67R ,    (Should have waited for the Fishhook entry rather than chase)

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