Monday, October 20, 2014

Open Swing Trades: AGIO, P.

I opened up two swing trades today: one long, one short.

AGIO.  This is a Chart I've been watching for a week or so now.  It has that great flag after running up.  The market pull back did not touch it.  Although it's previous breakout out attempt failed. I felt that this on was A go.  Bought 65.75, Stop 63.75.  Multi-day moves have been rare these days  Continuation Anticipation trades but this looks as good as any.  I just wish it had more volume.

P: This is what I look for in a short.  A solid down trend.  The 13 MA is tracking it well which means the selling is relatively quick.  Then a bounce back up which initially fails. I took this at the end of the day @22.22  stop at 23.05

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