Monday, October 13, 2014

OBCI Short. An odor removal for Homeless Shelters becomes a Ebola Momo play

OBCI a company that makes a Chlorine Dioxiode disinfectant and is capable (like hundreds  of other products) Lysol or bleach of killing viruses.  It ran on Ebola Fever.  I shorted it at 5.33, it then proceeded to fall:

To suggest that this is an ebola play shows a total lack of due diligence.  They bought Performacide for 150K two weeks ago.   The active ingredient in Performacide is chlorine Dioxide.  Chornine Dioxide is a chlorine substitute, which was discovered in 1814. It has been used since 1944 to kill pathogens.

Anyway, OBCI bought out its partrner for 150K and now has the rights to the Performacide name.Just last year Performacide was being market to residential cleaning and odor removal applications... and to homeless shelters:
"INTENDED USERSHospitality and rental property owners and managers, maintenance and housekeeping personnel, house renovators, home owners, fishermen, hunters, homeless shelters, and anyone with mold or organic odors to eliminate.
Now its true that Chlorine dioxide can kill viruses. As can bleach. Nonetheless, OBCI puts out a misleading press release that suggests that the CDC approved its product to kill Ebola:
"The CDC recommendations include use of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered hospital disinfectant with a label claim on non-enveloped viruses (such as norovirus, rotovirus, adenovirus and poliovirus) for surfaces in rooms of patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus infection." 

Yes, the CDC does recommend using Disinfectants where Ebola --or any other viruses has been suspected or confirmed.  The CDC's actual comments were as follows:  
"Although there are no products with specific label claims against the Ebola virus, enveloped viruses such as Ebola are susceptible to a broad range of hospital disinfectants used to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. In contrast, non-enveloped viruses are more resistant to disinfectants. As a precaution, selection of a disinfectant product with a higher potency than what is normally required for an enveloped virus is being recommended at this time. EPA-registered hospital disinfectants with label claims against non-enveloped viruses (e.g., norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus) are broadly antiviral and capable of inactivating both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses."
OBCI's press release continues: 
 "The EPA has accepted labeling for Performacide® claiming effectiveness as, among other things, a viruscide against the non-enveloped viruses referred to above, as well as other viruses, and a disinfectant against a number of different types of bacteria."

Yes, Performacide is a virusicde which the EPA lists as approved --on page 65 of 65-- along with 800 other products.  In other words, there are hundreds of competing products for disinfectant uses. Nonetheless,  some people have interpreted OBCI's press release as stating that OBCI was THE company the CDC and the EPA approved to fight ebola.  OBCI's website is telling.  They make products for boats, jet skies, law mowers. Nothing that exactly says we are at the forefront of disease prevention

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