Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tuesday & Wednesday trades

Was working on my taxes so I did not update. So I have a combined journal update.

I had added this on Monday on a fishhook setup breakout.  Tuesday made very little progress.   And when a "power" breakout stalls, It's usually best to get out as a good breakout should continue.   So I exited for  a .03 gain on the trade.  That turned out to be a wise decision as today's action shows that I would have had considerable pain had I continued to hold

The theory behind this trade was this was a power stock that was coming back into the 10 week.  I felt that had presented a good entry.  It worked temporarily but then the selling pressure overcame this one so I'll take the loss.

Entry 1: 11.68
Entry 2: 11.04
Exit: $10.75

Although my ZIOP 10 bounce trade did not work, LBIO worked very well.  Not only did it reverse, the move has continued into the next day. Today it pushed over 13 for period.

Entry: $11.09

Another  b/o fail. Bought yesterday's move 5.91 looking for the b/o over 6.
The weekly chart, however, shows the the b/o would have been in week 2, which is still too early:  It is set up very nicely for a weekly range expansion next week: 

This one held on for a few weeks without really going anywhere.  Today it ran my stop.

follows range contraction with range expansion.  This is a former runner so it has the potential to really get going once it does.  d

Daily is setup for a range expansion with  for a MACD cross over  and rising RSI. 

This one worked exceedingly well.  After the b.o yesterday, there was a sharp reversal and backtest to the breaking point.  I held my nose and hit the buy button as this came in. 13.91 it dropped on me immediately and made a bit nervous that I would get stopped out very quickly but ADXS than found a bottom and bounced and boy did it bounce all the way back over $15.50

This is one of those stocks that makes everyone say wow.

Entry: 3.67
Exit 1: 4.04
Exit 2: 3.90

Entry: 4.03   (I enter looking for the EOD run, I  knew that this would have some residual power today, but  that did not come in the A.m. and this sold off quickly.   Fortunately my position size was only 2/3 of my original position. I should have dumped this lot of a small profit like I did on INUV when the breakout was stalling.

Exit: 3.73

Entry: 4.29  ( wasn't planning on day trading this but I had something come up where I couldn't be in front of the screen so I closed it. Too bad)
Exit:  4.38
Finally, SUPN A great 1-2-3 ("Fishhook") breakout on the weekly.
Entry: $12.49

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