Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trade Journal April 7.

Today I booked a bunch of profit and closed a few positions to manage risk.  

Nothing against this chart but with earnings on deck and only a small gain, this was not a binary risk I want to take.  Closing it out for small change.

Entry: 8.65
Exit 1: (20% reduce position size) 8.73
Exit 2. 8.78 +1.5%

The gas is coming out of this one a bit.  a  Couple of moves to the upside failed.  I decided to ring the register as this one looks like it needs some rest before going higher.

Entry:  11.09
Exit: 12.65  +14%

The Week 2 move has been less than impressive.  Since the thrust has stalled in week 2, I'll get out with a decent gain and look for a retest of the b/o.

Entry: 13.90
Exit 15.38  +10.6%

This was a high risk trade given my entry, I was sized small with the plan of adding if it got going.  It never did although I thought there was a chance that this could have blown the doors off on a short squeeze but the thrust couldn't keep the momo going.
Entry: 4.44
Exit: 3.95 

I normally do not sell the first day breakout.  But I took a partial here. MRGE exceeded my expectations  

Entry 17.60, A.H.  . I need to be a bit more patient on news driven trades.  My thought was that the news gets this running out of this Flag.  Small position.

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