Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8 trades

First the positions closed:

After sleeping on this one I realized I had just bought a gap on decent news WITHIN  a flag.  That's not usually a recipe for break away gap.  I believe that my eagerness was a mistake for my normal trading strategy and decided that it was best to get out.  Of course, most mistakes do not wind up in the win column but this one did.

Entry:  17.60
Exit:  18.30
I nailed a nice breakout here but I sold as it came it. This is the type of decision I struggle with. Do I let it consolidate and come in a bit and attempt to capture a bigger move or sell the rip?

Entry: 18.65
Exit 1: 19.66
Exit 2:  19.90

 I nailed an entry and was up over 15% and yet I take a loss. What did I do wrong here?  I suppose I got greedy looking at the weekly and I should have sold the the gap.  My refusal to take the profit was due to the fact that I put small size on this trade.  As it turned out that saved me from a significant loss.  And the exit. we'll I had the wrong handle on my stop and saw the price below where I thought I would be stopped out.  Enter,  oh shit moment.  So I sold.

Entry 7.18 avg
Exit:  6.35.  

New Buys:
I was early on this one last week and I got hit with a fade.  I go the signal in a 1,2,3 go weekly pattern today and I took it.  T

Entry: $6.26

Here's a sling shot trade setup.  A high momo stock pulled back to the 10 week and bouncing. This proved to be a good entry today.

Entry: 41.93
Nice expansion on the weekly and daily momo burst.  I feel this presents a low risk entry.

Entry: 2.53
Stop 2.42

I've been waiting on this one for weeks and today I got the 1,2,3 go weekly signal.

Entry: 16.73

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