Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, Trades, Closed GBSN, AMRN, Opened AXN, MIFI

Got off to a good start.  Bought the close yesterday, 4.21 Sold the opening rush. 4.57 for a 8.5% gain

AMRN: I took this trade as it looked like it was swinging back around turns out it dropped.  I played this tight and its a good loss as I was able to take a large position  with only .5% risk to my portfolio value.  Sometimes they work, this one didn't

ENTRY: 2.53
EXIT: 2.42

AXN: Got a nice burst today giving it a move to the weekly breakout.  This is the number 2 stock in terms of momentum -- It's one that if it goes, it has already shown what it is capable of.  I've been in since the 1.83 and have added at 191., 1.98-99.

Weekly breakout, which takes out highest weekly close.
Entry : 5.65

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