Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21,

BCLI looked good pre-market on some news. But news plays always tends to be a risk.  I thought the gap fill yesterday might enable this to go higher today.  I bought 4.90s and sold at parity for the day. Fortunately I bought small because I knew what the risk for this trade was.

Sold the WUBA on the Gap.  I don't like continuation gaps and this one did. S This one worked extremely well from my entry a day later.

Entry 68.34
Exit. 72.82

PANW and CYBR have had great runs.  So here's another cyber security stock this looks like it is just getting going on a weekly.  The 50 rbi held that should be support.

Not my traditional set up or trade plan but this one is crazy. But what the hell I wanted in on the crazy for S's and G's.   This was a gambling but in now way does that diminish from the gains I made. The bank don't care. Just don't do it again.

ENZN: This is another Ichan play, but look at that fishhook.  I went in large at 1.41 big volume came in and this about to get crazy.

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