Monday, April 6, 2015

Existing positions: LBIO, ADXS, MVIS, RAD, SUPN, VLRS,

LBIO. My buy at 11.09 off the MA bounce is looking good. It  pulled back slightly today, disappointing after an early AM run. 
Another dip buy that looks good in at 13.90.  The weekly breakout looks ready to make a thrust.
CAPN: A gap and drop today.  I added increasing my cost basis to 7.18.  The retraces are difficult to stomach unless you have a plan and I consciously made that decision The weekly breakout is intact and the the gap is now filled.  Now a bounce would be appreciated.
Holds steady. Looking for that 3.20 to hold and to re-set the stage for higher prices.
A small move today, but I want to see the range expansion that pushes the RSI over 70.  Over 9 could start moving quickly

VLRS: After two weeks of lower prices that retested the weekly breakout point, VLRS bounced back in a big way.  This is now set up for a week 1 b.o.
This is looking like a back test to the BO might occur rather than the continuation but the bigger trend is defiantly up.  So the plan is to buckle up and ride it out like on VLRS.

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