Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30. Wading back in with some Bruised and Battered IPOS

With the market selling off my plan to go to cash had worked.  Now to wade back in.   I want the stocks that had some momo out of the gate but suffered heavy selling. IPOS often fit the bill.  Some of my most profitable trades have been the IPOs that stumbled after a big rush of enthusiasm.  ADRO and ETSY fit the bill  both are about at 50% of the first week open to close range. 

Stop close < 25

Stop Close < 22. This went below the 22 point but it rallied back and thus I was somewhat encouraged.

This one's a wild sonna  bitch.

Hit the first entry 9.42 trailing stop hit at 9.99
Trade 2. 11.18 Stopped 10.82 on a wicked washout.  

   I was feeling pretty good after the first one.  Second one reminds me to stay humble and stay small size on this type of stock.

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