Friday, August 22, 2014

Week in Review, position summary

This week was very good for the bottom line.

Nok: +.43 on the week. I've owned this before the MSFT buyout and have over 100% gains.  Just when I think its done and I should sell it for a better opportunity it keeps going. This chart would look even better when you consider the .51 special dividend--putting the stock at the equivalent of $8.69.
I have high hopes for this one as a turn around play. The GSK deal set this in motion.  I was very pleased to see a 60,000 share insider buy this week (higher than what I paid). Its nice to see it trend up following the quiet period basically tracking the 10MA.

LRAD: Great earnings = big move I initiated a position as it pulled back 10%.  I looks to have found a base here. An insider buy was announced today.  I plan on adding as well.

HIMX:  I feel like I have a cyrstal ball on this one. I initiated the position on Tuesday and predicted this would get a kick once its 10MA catches the price.  TA DA!

HCLP: It held the 10 Week MA as it has all year.  I'm up slightly in this position but I believe a bounce is imminent as SLCA and EMES have continued their moves.  
opened today.  Cup and a handle breakout:
HPJ: Another pick up Today. Closed about even after pulling back from its run. As long as it holds the gap, I'm bullish.

VHI: very pleased with the move out of consolidation. 

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