Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Position summary: LRAD, HCLP, HPJ, CDXS, VHI, NOK,

Still a lot of bullish action in this market.

HPJ: Decent move today as it kept about half of the move
HCLP: 10Week Ma holds puts in a bullish reversal on the day.   EMES and SLCA are really pushing.  HCLP should follow.  A nice start on the week.

LRAD: pulled back on low volume.  Tomorrow will be telling. Will it resume the move or pull back?

EJ: Still in the "noise phase" after the initial breakout was thwarted.  So was the follow through on the selling.  I'm still bullish on in.

VHI had every reason to pull back but it pushed ahead. I'll stay in for now.
NOK: Just noise.  No reason to sell for me.  OR to buy if you are not in.

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