Monday, August 25, 2014

Partial closes: HPJ, VHI

I had full positions on over the last week and it paid off handsomely today with several large % moves. LRAD 8.88%, CDXS 3.35%, HPJ, 7.06%

Since I hit my margin pretty heavy last week and was rewarded there is no sense in tempting fate.  I decided to trim some positions a bit.

VHI: It's forward progress has stalled volume dropped.  Still, I was encouraged that VHI did not give its recent gains back had it moved in that direction I would have sold my entire position.  Instead, I sold 25% off at $7.79 and I am now holding 1/2 of the original position.

Great move today. But because it is susceptible to a disappearing bid and quick drops, I didn't want to be holding the size I was holding when it drops.  Sold off 20% AT 5.51.  Overall HPJ is still looking very healthy and I anticipate there will be some continuation of this move.

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