Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Increased positions: HCLP

Wow, does this stock love the 10 Week MA, after another successful test, I increased my position size by 30% @ $62.43.  HCLP is consolidating here and is forming a flag on the weeklies.  As impressive as this stock has been, my reason for adding to HCLP was not because it again held the 10WEEK MA before staging a bullish reversal.  Rather, it is what the other fracking sand stocks are doing right now.

EMES.  Notably, EMES has also had significant pull backs to its 10WEEK MA before reversing and plowing ahead.  IMO, HCLP is a week or 2 behind.

SLCA: Has been a bit smoother than the other two, but no less impressive.

The point is that HCLP should rally shortly. The secondary offering knocked it off its perch.  But EMES had one in the later part of June and now look where it is.

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