Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Closed: VHI

This was a range breakout that went the distance.  I started the position big and then phased it out.

Entry: 7.04
Exit 1: 7.18  (+1.96% , 8.45% position)  This was  a risk control exit.
Exit 2:  7.47 ( +6.10%,  22% pos)
Exit 3  7.79  (+10.65%,  20% pos)
Exit 4   7.57 (7.53%)   50% pos)

I got a nice 4 day run from this consolidation breakout.  That's about all this market has been giving.  I had hoped that it would consolidated in the 7.70s and stage another move but when it did not I decided to get out on the remainder of the position.

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