Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan. 25

Closed-- OCLR
Tightened stop to Even and was hit.

No real regrets here.  I was about .30 late but was okay with the entry.  Moving stop to ITM gives a chance at a big profit if the stock goes but risk very little.  

ACBFF- This had been looking good but today it got gapped on news that there was an upsizing of the equity deal.

I had a decent size position, but I took a stop on over  half off as risk management here.  The remainder has a little room to go. 

Added 2.02  Turned out to be a very good add as this would rocket for much of the day.

Welcome to Stage 2!

Add thin stock -- but this one has shown itself capable of huge moves.  With infrastructure spending perhaps again...Chart shows the  it is close.

Now with an increased position I need to be more careful My stop has been tightened.  A stock either breaks out or it doesn't. I'm playing this breakout attempt.  If there is a failure I'm out.

Prior Demonstration of Power

I thought this one was setting up as the best  looking IPO breakout.  I took it.  Didn't love the late day action but remains in play.

HBM-- Although this would have been better yesterday,   It looked so good, I started buying early this morning for a continuation play.  That worked well.

Weekly: Shows why I like this stock.  First base, weekly breakout. Has been up to 28 before.



Weekly -- High volume surge and base to All Time High in a "Toddler"  Very powerful setup.

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