Monday, January 30, 2017

Big Sell off 1/30

Position added on that I had not added on Friday was TREE:
And  Tree even shook off today's heavy selling in the broad markets.

So broad markets sold off and my positions were hit.  

Most disappointing was IPI as I had decent profits in that but it could not withstand the selling so I walk away just above break even on the position:

So we learned that it is not its time to run yet.  keep it on the watch list.
I realize that in looking for the BIG movers there will be many false starts and you have to be comfortable giving back profits to catch the big move.

other losers ACBFF, BOOM
Boom i got stopped out at the low, but since I added size  when it appeared to be breaking out I had to tighten the stop.

looked good but could not get going and then secondary and I tap out.

Only buy of the day was DRYS, which was up big in A.H. on news.  This is a speculative lottery ticket type trade and have taken this trade on small shares.

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