Thursday, January 12, 2017

1/12/17 -- Correcting the mistakes.

Closed Trades:

I was pretty frustrated with myself as I jumped on two chase trades in Uranium stocks yesterday.  When you make a mistake get out of it.  I'm very comfortable taking a momo stock into premarket and working out of which is what I did with URRE.    I sold DNN shortly after the open.  In total, my mistake made me over $1,000.  But It is still a mistake.


NTNX:  I gave this one its opportunity but it couldn't show strength over $30.  Not good.  Raised stop to just under $30 and got tagged.  =.45 on the trade.  No complaints, I gave it an opportunity to present a big opportunity and it failed to do so.

Partial Sales:

I would have been happy with anther .50 today.  But it exploded. Sold off 200 at 13.10. (11.45 entry).  The partial sale (with stoop moved up to 11.90) let's me stay in longer for an explosive move. 

New Trades:
CSRA-- I mentioned this at the top of my watch list yesterday.  Buy stop was triggered early. I think it would have been much better had the market been more positive today.  Still it closed up after spitting out the early gains.

Market outlook-- becoming cautious
Setup:  Anticipation.
I'm early on this, but if it slingshots I will add.

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