Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1/17/206 -- Trade Journal

Fantastic Swing.
First sale =1.10
2nd 2.20

This was thin but worth taking the position as it broke range. Big Reward.

Stopped out:
I took the "Reclaim the Fame" breakout despite low volume ad there was no follow through.  I didn't mind the shallow pull back but today my stop got hit and I got crushed on slippage, causing an extra .68 of loss.   Fortunately position size was small but that much slippage is not fun.

New Trades:
Slingshot w/ range breakout

AAOI: week 1 breakout
Fish hook after pull back.

Took a starter position as this is not the ideal setup-- but it is the setup that works to get in the MOST POWERFUL stocks.  If AAOI behaves as such this will double.



Setup-- Bridesmaid

The bride is the initial Day 1 move
.  The bridesmaid is the what's left over after the party... and this one is especially ugly. 

    I have researched this stock in depth in the past: http://sostrading.blogspot.com/2014/06/pme-cutting-bait.html 
The financials have deteriorated significantly and the company filed a 100Mill Shelf in December.

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