Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/18/17 lack of discipline, boredom trades.

My daughter has the flu and I stayed home with her on the couch this morning.  I looked at the screen way too much and paid the price.  I made a number of poor decisions. 

First: APRI -- Mexico approved their boner cream. 
Entry:  I actually got a great entry 1.88 on the news but should out into the first push 2.30  it would go to $4.00 but this is not my trade.  made $410 but this still earns a dollar in the jar. 

Stage 2 transition.
Entry 0.94
Sector is working. Pushed this too much without a base but I haven't written this one off yet. 


Got hit on Street Sweeper article.  Still a profitable trade   but that type shit of stuff will always piss me off.
Then put on a revenge trade hoping it would bounce.  Tight stop, but Another dollar in the jar.

This made a push but couldn't hold it.  Kept the stop tight and position small but base was not big enough to take this trade on no volume.   No reason to push this trade.

Wash Trade,  I gave it a breakout attempt and it couldn't make a move-- always dangerous at a high and likely foreshadows a pull back.

Stopped out-- just didn't work.  but traded to plan.
IPXL: entered 13.05
Covered 12.40 -- Micromanaged as this started to bounce back from 12.05 -- Saw loses from other positions (MPET) turn my day from very positive to negative.   So I booked $500+ on this.  Was this my plan,  no I was playing for the breakdown.   --- Dollar in the jar.

EMES. 14.37
This is a stock I'm very familiar with.  With this type of volume, it often wages a multi day run.   The sector has been strong so this is a trade I would take on the breakout of range.  But no reason to give this much room.

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