Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1/23 -1/24 Trades- Sector risk back on

1/23  -- Did a great job of being disciplined, Closed OCLR for even.
Market breadth flags here.

Trade Spreadsheet.

WATT  - nailed on downgrade
Made 1.05 on this trade, probably covered too quickly but I question whether this was my trade to begin with.

DPLO: A weak stock just fluttering away.  A decent gain, but This may be just noice.
My position size was too large.  I don't see this as a great R/R any more until it breaks range.

PME:  Well, I put a detailed trade thesis together.  But the chart told the story more than I could. I should have waited until the reversal candle.  This may be one I revisit.

This wound up setting up as one of my favorite post earnings setups -- The fishhook

URRE: Big breakout in Uranium, slingshot but closed the go line.  Still very much in an uptrend.
DNN: Another Uranium Slingshot. Trade.

CRK: Another Oil and Gas powerhouse, breaking out from consolidation.

IPI- Waited for this to give me my setup for 7 weeks and got it today. 1.93-94 entry

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