Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Trade Journal Tuesday Feb. 17

I added to my XON position It appears that we are entering a consolidation area here (doji at the top).  A bit of consolidation should set XON for higher prices.

I caught a Huge  move in EBIX! I sold off half my position  at 25.77 as I did not expect much from this trade.

Bought some MGNX.- 35.57
 This was one I've been watching for a while It pulled back to the 10 week and consolidated nicely.  Now its ready to go It should retest its prior highs.

HPJ-- sold a 1/3 off. 5.75.  This had looked so good early running as high as 5.96.  The fade was not fun.  If HPJ does not resume towards the highs, I'm out.

JRJC: Has a breakout from a great base. Now back over 50 / 200 MAs.  Continuation please?

Bought NDRM 11.29.  I like this set up as it follows a tight range along the 10 Week.  This stock has demonstrated its power potential.  This becomes an "easy" trade as it has a clear line regarding where the position would be wrong.

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