Saturday, February 14, 2015

Trade Journal, Thursday TWTR, ZIOP, MA, BOX, CDXS, ARRY, TASR

I was traveling so I did not get my Thursday or Friday updates posted.  I added a few positions and closed a few, including AAPL, on which I made well over 100% profits on my calls.

Thursday Trades:
(Friday bars are shown)

TWTR Add: 48.19
(earlier entry, 46.40)  This trade is going proceeding exactly as planned.  Thursday was a "shakeout day" as it took it up and then down $1.00.  AAPL did this as well before proceeding higher.  After seeing the rejection of the downside move again, I added to my holdings.

My stop was hit at I was out of this at 9.06.  This one has gone volatile.  Unfortunately for me this rallied up 10% from where I was stopped and I missed the run.

Entry 9.55
Exit. 9.06


MA gor a very nice burst out of consolidation which breaks it out of a wedge.  I bought the March 88calls @ 1.71.    MA was showing some power on a weekly chart as well,  I'm looking for a multi week move to $92-$95.


Out of the last 25% of my position as Box faded down to 20.08.
Entry: 19.33
Exit 1: 20.05 (50%
Exit 2. 20.62 (25%)
Exit. 3.  20.08

(Note: BOX is currently consolidating and could present an excellent momo burst setup over the next couple of sessions. )

CDXS is a biocatalyst  company that I've followed since their deal with GSK.   It is still a relatively unknown company but with heavy insider buying.  It recently has begun a breakout.  It has pulled back to where I would expect it to so I bought at  $3.43.

PFNX is recently surging  (7 -13.50 in the last few sessions) which should cause traders to look at other plays.  CDXS is well-positioned has top tier partners..   Stop on the position at 3.

I sold out of this one as it hasn't been able to get going to the upside.  A couple gap fades makes me hesitant.  I'd rather manage risk than wait for the b/o or b/d.

TASR gets in on the action a decent breakout from consolidation but TASR has been prone to some false moves so this is a small position that I'll look to get my stop into the money.

Entry: 27.11.

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