Monday, February 2, 2015


Stopped out.  Too bad because it made a decent rally off its lows.  Would I be surprised if this hammer sparks a rally no.  Do I care? no.  I traded the plan. 

Entry:  27.166 
Exit 26.495 

This had held up well.  But today my stop took me out.
Sometimes I surprise my self and I decided to play YOD long... I know right.    But because the volume and amount of price % of the move, I though there could be more here.  Turns out there Anyway the thesis was that this stock typically has rallies that run 2 days and then get smashed. I figured I was still early.  So bought with a tight .20railing stop.  Nope this got faded.  I should have stayed to my short bias but oh well. I've taken enough money out of this stock.

Entry 3.28
Exit: 3.08

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